How to Become a Confident & Fearless World Class Speaker

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NAIROBI 25th – 28th Oct 2018

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Newly Redone and More Interesting Learnings Added!


If you are Finally ready to Kick your career and Biz Plans to a higher level (Where the money is great and Lifestyle out of this world)

Then it’s time for you to attend the World Class Speaker’s Training Event, coming to NAIROBI in October of this year.

And it doesn’t matter whether you are:

  • Still early in your career. (Brimming with questions and Challenges).
  • Or a veteran battle tested Professional.
  • Leader or Entrepreneur who is Seeking fresh input as the world demands more skills

So here is what I have for you …

The “World Class Speaker’s Training” Event.

Give us Just 3.5 days and you will transform into a strong, grounded, confident, Fearless, Humorous articulate, Public speaker and Trainer.

As you know, most individuals try to become better communicators, Persuaders and speakers using methods and theories that are not tried and tested.

It’s in our makeup I guess “Go Getters” to search and lurch onto whatever seems to work.

However, over my 17+ years as a sought after international speaker and trainer….I have discovered and know from deep experience that the SUCCESSFUL speaker/trainers in the game all have had to use a world class hands on system to make it happen for them.

They gave up the “short cuts and go it alone” the moment they realized how FAST they could succeed and make money once they applied a tried and tested system.

At this High Impact Event You Will Learn and Practice using our tried and tested system ….

✔How to Build your confidence in front of any Audience.

✔How to Connect Effortlessly with Audiences of 5 to 10,000 People.

✔ How to prepare great speeches that have people listening to you attentively and wanting more             even when you are done.

✔How to come up with great Speeches for any Audience.

✔ How the Psychology of great stage presence allows you to banish stage nerves forever.

✔ How to Optimally use any stage and Platform for Engagement, Success and Impact.

✔ How to come up with Killer speeches on short notice and still HAVE audiences happy and                     mesmerized.

✔ Why Mastering Stage movement and Composure makes you a dynamic Speaker and trainer who         has maximum effect.

✔ How to master the Psychology of Persuasion as a great Speaker on stage,

✔ How to Incorporate Humor and Passion in your Presentations – and Yes like me I thought I wasn’t       funny…That’s so funny!

✔ How you can Develop and Design Enjoyable Effective Courses 1 day to 10 days,

✔ The art of how to Create Rapport with any kind and size of Audience – So they love you

✔ Get rid of fear of speaking forever – Yes you will love this one..

✔ You will also Learn The Business of Public Speaking and where the Money is – $$$ – this is the             Juice ..

You will also learn, like those before you, how to:

  • Kill Nervousness and Build confidence in your life forever – it’s a night and day difference.
  • Change your Professional and Personal life for the better.
  • Start your own New Successful Businesses
  • Become Happier
  • Become a More Effective Consultant and leader in your Fields. (Just amazing stories…really cool)
  • Boost your professional careers …. (Job Promotions all over the place!!)
  • Start your own Speaking Careers successfully… Some on my stage now… Amazing.
  • Just having a Great time Teaching and Making MONEY.
  • Revamp your team and business and elevate their performance instantly to INCREASE PROFITS BY 50%.
  • Become Better Parent, Partner and Even wife and husband…. So true…. Relations saved!!
  • Become a better team manager and leader.
  • Improve your Sales by at least 40% and Performance 80%… Just drastic
  • You will be able to turn failing entities into winning profitable organizations again – And why not? 
  • Be Inspired and have your Entrepreneurship spirit awakened so you too can start your own companies.
  • Reignite Politicians to streamline their political messages for success.


SO YES, Just 3.5 Long Days. Fun Filled. Exhilarating. Live. High Energy

  • When – August 25th – 28th 2018
  • Where – Sarova Stanley Hotel, Nairobi
  • Investment – $800 $400 Before 12th/10/2018

For Details, Call: +254 722 999 548 / +256777 007 207

Here is why You should Book Now!

Fact – Take 100 people at the start of their careers with the same opportunity, check on them after 40 years just before retirement and this is what you will find out;

  • 1 will be Wealthy,
  • 4 Financially Secure,
  • 5 will continue working because they have to,
  • 36 will be dead and
  • 54 will be broke and purpose less …….. Meaning  that’s 5% successful and one of the greatest ways to guarantee your success is to invest in Public speaking for Impact.

This is the most intense life changing event you will attend this year or ever in your life.

A limited number of students are enrolled so hurry up to Making your voice count and starting a new Journey of Success.

Here is another reason……. for you to Prove to yourself and your Family you are not JUST a talker and dreamer but a doer. Its 2018, make it count.

Just one last thing. Sure you could put this off but what is that going to get you?  More missed opportunities? A great life style? Better chances to make more money for your family?

The choice is always YOURS!!

The training comes with an All or Nothing Bullet proof 100% money back guarantee.

We don’t stop there. We promise you will become a confident Powerful persuasive speaker. End of story.

In fact after the event your entire demeanor and state and understanding of the Psychology of public speaking will be more then you ever imagined.

At any time during or after the event should you decide that we haven’t performed a great transformational 360 degree turn around on your speaking skills, just tell any of our staff we will give you a Complete refund. No QUESTIONS ASKED. Period.

Just for the record for 6 years and thousands of students, we haven’t had even one refund request. 

In fact, you can even keep the in-depth materials for life…

What Previous Participants Are Saying About the Training …

25th – 28th Oct 2018

Sarova Stanley Hotel, Nairobi Kenya

For Details, Call

+254 722 999 548 / +256 777 007 207