Discover How to Become a Persuasive and Fearless World Class Speaker Who Earns a 6-Figure Income from Sharing Your Story

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Imagine you have been given an opportunity to speak in front of a big crowd to present your ground breaking idea. This is the moment that you have been waiting that could change the trajectory of your career or business.

You peep through the back stage curtains only to see a fully packed auditorium with lots of murmurs. Your stomach begins to grumble as anxiety kicks in. The organizer of the event then announces your name as the next speaker.

Days later, you have this itchy feeling! You know you could have done better if only you had the tools and skills of some the worlds greatest presenters out there. You immediately begin to sign up for a number of public speaking courses but none gives you the confidence that you are looking for. You begin to wonder if public speaking skills can be learned or are just inherited.

Then one day, as fate would have it, you are seated in the audience, the lights have been dimmed down. People who know the next speaker are anxious and can’t wait. You wonder why.

The lights come on and music starts to play, he walks on and raises the energy of the audience. He has you hooked. He has you engaged. You are learning. You are inspired. You are having fun.

You don’t know what it is about this presenter but you’ve finally found the traits that you were looking for in a World Class Speaker.

You need a moment with him but you are not the only one, every one is rushing to talk to him after the talk. as you wait for your turn, you ask yourself;

Is it Possible for Me to Have Some of That???????

Well, you don’t have to wonder anymore. It is quickly becoming common knowledge that anyone can now learn and become a great world class speaker. ALL YOU NEED IS THE RIGHT TRAINING!

What Would It Be Like To Earn A 6-Figure Income From Sharing Your Story?

Now, let us flip the coin and think about the hidden super benefits of an accomplished world class speaker.

Imagine making over $100,000 per week while doing what you love.

Imagine travelling the world just to inspire the masses with your life story.

Imagine creating courses or programs that churn out experts in different fields who go on to impact their different communities.

Imagine owning a thriving business that makes lots of profits and leads its industry.

The fact is, such a life is very possible for you but you must be willing to do what the other 90% aren’t willing to do. You have to acquire the right skills to help you achieve mastery in passing on your message.

Some of What the Previous Participants are Saying …

Best Training I Have Ever Attended

Best ever public speaking training I have attended. Not only speaking skills but also helps you find your purpose. The trainers are awesome and share from their hearts

Ngaben Edmond – Director. Sharp Consulting, Cameroon

This Training Changed My Life

As your voice changes everything, this training changes your life. I am so glad I attended this training. Thank you coach Phill

Bhumi Partel – Business Development Executive. Grant Thonton

Coach Phill is a Trainer with a Difference

Coach Phill is a trainer with a difference. He has great rapport and reaches out to the needs of each participant. The presentation methodology of the trainers was interesting and transformed me into a confident speaker

Sauda Kakungulu – Deputy Director Human Resources. Bank of Uganda

The Problem: Most would be trainers fail before they even get started ...

As you know, most individuals try to become better communicators, persuaders or presenters using methods and theories that are not tried and tested. Because of this, they fail before they even get started!

It is in our make up I guess to search and lurch onto whatever seems to work without really understanding the psychology behind the solution.

However, over my 20 years as a sought after international speaker and trainer, I have discovered and understood from deep experience that the successful speakers/trainers in the game have all had to use a world class hands-on system to make it happen for them.

They gave up shortcuts and go-it-alone the moment they realized how fast they could succeed and make money once they applied a tried and tested system.

But there’s good news …

You don’t need to take 20 years like me to become a confident world class speaker!

You too can get to the level I am at in a much shorter time using the system that I am about to introduce to you. I must say this system will blow your mind. Once you have mastered the strategies in this system, you will be amazed and wonder why no one had ever shared this information.

And it doesn’t really matter who you are …

This system works for anyone who is hungry and willing to put in the required work. Are you;

  • A leader who wants to inspire your team to exceed their annual goals
  • An entrepreneur who wants to take their business to the next level
  • An upcoming motivational speaker who wants to learn how to inspire massive crowds any time
  • A consultants who wants to build a thriving and sustainable consulting business
  • A politician who wants to rally his followers and get that vote

Introducing the ...

This 4-Day Training will guide you through a step by step process that will help you become a more confident and persuasive world class speaker

Here’s is a snap shot of what you will learn:

  • How to Build super Confidence and give spellbinding and powerful presentations to any size audience from 5 people to 1000 to 15,000.
  • Learn to consistently deliver Persuasive messages.
  • Build a good relationship with any audience from the start.
  • How to Easily connect with any audience
  • How to start a new Professional career in consultancy and Public speaking.
  • How Inspire or motivate people to take massive action
  • How to Convince your teams to follow you in achieving tough goals.
  • How to Turn “No” into a “YES” by simply learning what triggers these emotions
  • How about how to Quickly design and deliver effective speeches, training programs, motivational talks and meetings
  • Manage the Emotional states of your audience
  • Constantly hold your audience’s attention even for long presentations
  • Learn to manage stage nerves forever.

Remember, all this in just 3.5 days!

There is no theory stuff! Just world class practical skills

And here is the kicker:

In Participating fully and attending the event, you end up creating your own Killer Elevator Pitch, your signature speech, your business game plan and the exact steps to take to start making money as a professional speaker immediately.

This Event is the real deal….Its a transformation MACHINE my friends!

Now, I know you deserve some skepticism here, so here you go,

Truly the best part of this event is that you don’t have to have any prior experience, the transformation happens because of the way the training is designed, delivered and the Immersion effect of the event. Everyone can become a great Public speaker Trainer and communicator even if you are the shy, introverted back of the class not so cool looking one!

Check out what some of the previous participants are saying about the training ...

I had an Amazing Time of Learning
Thank you so much for an awesome time. I have never been happier and proud to take time off and invest in myself like I was last weekend!
I had an amazing time of learning; I was continually challenged to go deep inside and ponder on ‘me’ and what I want and need to do. 
Thank you for putting in all the work to give us your best, you and your team are amazing!!! Your energy and passion are contagious.
For the first time I had no ideas for improvement on the feedback form (except for you, haha), and I am quite critical, mind you.
Thank you for the reminders; I am committed to apply the learning and keep the commitments and to continue on this journey – yesterday I went through my ‘Sea of Red’, I’d like it on my phone actually.
Thank you for the charge of joy and motivation – Nkitwaala!!
And send them right back at you.
May God bless the work of your hands and take you further and higher than your mind can conceive.
Warm regards,

Irene Musimenta – Human Resource Manager, PLAN Uganda

It’s Amazing How 4 Days Changed My Life!

We had a training this week,by one of the principals.So in that afternoon when the concentration is  almost zero, my principal (my boss) calls out my name to say what I think.Then I speak and he says, we should  clap for her. I am the newest in the organisation/branch so that was really cool.

Initially he would tell me to speak louder because am going to start chairing meetings.

But most importantly, I learned how to do away with fear.Even away from public speaking..I remember the question, what would you do if u weren’t afraid? I was personally in a relationship where I knew every time the other party was being too nice, then I would have a bill to clear in the next phone call.They needed money yet they earn more than me.

So it was an awesome weekend for me.I got more than what brought me.

Forever grateful to you and your team.

Alice, Office of the Auditor General, Uganda

I Got Back So Much More than My Investment!

The training was awesome and amazing. I gained back my total investment and more. Meeting coach Phill is the greatest thing that ever happened in my life this year. Meeting him Dec 2011 means my Jan 2012 and beyond is going to be great and never the same again

Judith Athieno, Higher Education Loans Board, Tanzania

Because the results and personal transformations are so amazing, I’ve decided to make it THE pillar of my 2018 strategic plan

I can already tell this will DOUBLE my impact and desire to make a difference.

I wonder why it took me so long to do this?

So give us  3.5  days and we will get you speaking and presenting like a pro! Period

We’d have to work hard, but yes, I can teach you to be a confident impactful world class speaker in just 3,5 days.

You can learn all the newest Speaking and presentation skills at the event and I’ll train you personally and I’ll give you a STEP-BY-STEP IMPLEMENTATION GUIDE.  So you leave knowing exactly what your next steps for success are,

Yes yes, I know, clearly, I’m fired up about this!

So let me do this for you this August Kampala from 2nd to the 5th.

You’ll leave the training Fully equipped to start your next Journey what ever that is you have chosen including a full implementation plan. 

You could literally go implement it within weeks after you learn these skills. All you will need is a desire to start a great adventure, a desire to make a difference and some information about your Passion – That’s it.

So, this is what you get to experience in the 4 days ...

In addition to having a lot of fun and great insights into Sales, Performance and Leadership Skills on the Platform, the Program will cover:

coach phill kampala


  •  Presenter stance – Getting rid of Stage fright
  • The Optimum Learning State
  • Connecting with your audiences without any effort
  • Rapport with all sizes of groups (5-10,000)
  • Effective State and Stage Management
  • How to give effective feedback


  • Structuring a Great Speech, Presentation or Training
  • Tuckman’s Group/Team Dynamics – Understanding how people interact
  • The Optimal learning state
  • The Presentation state for Up-Time results
  • Unique and creative ways of engaging with your audience
  • How to en-trance your audience and become a spell-binding presenter
  • How to leave a real impact on your audience


  • Create effective stage anchoring
  • Manage the emotional states of your audience
  • How to wipe out performance anxiety. Install more effective strategies in yourself and others
  • Use the secrets of optimal room set up and design
  • How to expand your vocal flexibility
  • Discover the power of a clear and persuasive message
  • Understanding the Business of Public Speaking


  • Understand different learning and training styles

  • Utilize and handle “hecklers”, destruction, objections and questions.

  • A complete arsenal of the most cutting-edge platform psychology techniques in existence

  • How to manage your energy and stamina in training

  • Vitality and Wellness – How to maintain stamina over long training hours

  • The ten fundamental keys to great presentations.

  • How to Increase your sales & market share

  • Achieve positive results in your field of work

  • Deliver with Passion, yes Passion.. and Commitment

  • Live life to the full…Share your ideas, fulfill your mission…

So, all the above and more for just an investment of ...



Because we are really psyched for this program and we really want you to join us and get the full benefits, we have made it easier for you to attend. Simply Choose one of the Payments Plans Below.

Two-Part Payment
2 Equal Payments of $210

Special Discount Expires in …

10Days 19Hours 39Minutes 22Seconds

The $400 Guarantee – Totally Risk Free

If you don’t think this training is the best training in public Speaking you’ve ever seen….


If you don’t think it’s worth at least $100,000 to your brand…

Then I’ll reimburse you in full.

And, if you do ask for a reimbursement for the $400 tuition, then I’ll also reimburse your transport and all related costs.

That’s how legit this training is.

That’s how passionate I am in telling you there’s no risk to attend because you’ll be blown away and can never ask for a refund.

3.5 Days  with me and 3 other world class trainers

One amazing group.

One new Skill that re-writes the rules.

August 2nd – 5th. The days  that can define your Entire 2018 Growth and Career Success.

Personally, if someone came to me 10 years ago and said,

  • “For $400, you can become a World Class Speaker and make 10x that, …well, I would have said YES.
  • If they said, “It’s the single best training for my career… I’d be there.
  • And if they said, “It’s guaranteed at a $10,000 level…”
  • I’d jump so high with a YES that I’d smash the ceiling.

I’d signup immediately with no hesitation and full power confidence that I can do what they teach me.

But that’s me. That’s what I would have done.

Investing like that is what got me this far in my career. I’m a learner.

I jump at opportunities to learn and be ahead of the marketplace.

This is your chance to do that.

Last call my friend.

See you in Kampala,

Coach Phill

Or Use One of the Payment Plans Below

Two-Part Payment
2 Equal Payments of $210

More Testimonials from Previous Participants ….

I liked the energy levels of the trainer, relevance of the course content and practical examples. The course reinvigorated and pushed me to put what I learned into practice
Max Ncube
AFRE Corporation, Zimbabwe
The training was interesting! I learnt a lot and it was fun all through. The IP experience is life changing. Coach Phill, you are special and your training is great.
Christine K Mulimba
NSSF Uganda
It was intense & met my needs totally. Trainer is exceptional and his various skills are catchy. Intelligent performance is in the business of making people's lives better through empowering them positively
Yvonne Kabataizibwa
Airtel Uganda
I learnt how to be a stage commander, confident speaker; I can now be in charge of a team as a trainer. If training can be defined, IP are an end to end definition of it. Coach Phill is ballistic and has fascinatingly lasting energy.
David Matovu
Standard Chartered Bank, Uganda

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Two-Part Payment
2 Equal Payments of $210

Special Discount Expires in …

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