If there is a skill that you must have on this planet, it is the ability to persuade others. There is always a need to sell. If you are afraid of/poor at selling, then you are living a miserable life my friend.

Think about it, every aspect of your life requires sales/persuasion skills. Be it; job interviews, selling your products/services, getting a love partner, convincing your child or asking for a promotion. The list is endless.

Knowing how Sales can be a daunting task to many, I have decided to break it down into “The Persuasion Formula” to make it easy for you to persuade others.

So let us get into it in the video …

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Are you mom, dad or a leader? Whatever you are, you’ve got to have the ability to persuade others.

You persuade others to believe in you or your message, to believe in what you have to say and you also persuade others to believe in themselves.

Someone once said, “Salespeople who are not great persuaders have skinny kids”. Think about it……

I totally believe that one of the greatest tools we have in our lives that we must master is sales. Yes…..the ability to sell and persuade. I meet people I they tell me, “Coach, I am not in sales….” I tell them, “Everybody is in sales”.

3 Steps to Persuasion.

  1. Always seek to understand and acknowledge other people before you can impact them.

Learn to acknowledge and appreciate people. Tell them how much you appreciate what they do and their contribution. When you do that, they’ll let down their guard because as you seek to understand and acknowledge them, you become a better persuader.

  1. Always tap into their psychological need to grow.

Remember, everybody has got ambition. I mean…..everybody wants to go somewhere. Everybody wants to get better. Billionaires want to become Multi-billionaires. Millionaires want to make more millions.

Every one of us has got a psychological need to become better and to grow. If you want to become a better persuader, which I believe you do. You must identify people’s psychological need and you tap into it. You must be able to tap into people’s ambition and desire to get better.

In life, we have to be able to persuade other people to buy into our mission so that, we can live our dreams and also have the freedom that we want.

  1. Always ignite people’s imagination for future success.

You must be able to connect to what it would feel like for example; how would you want to see your team engaging better or how would you want to see your kids doing better at school. Always get the other person to see and imagine what a great future would be like.

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