3 Tips to Help You Increase Your LinkedIn Engagement

Any consultant/coach/entrepreneur like myself, who is  selling high ticket products and looking to consistently attract quality leads to their business will definitely consider optimizing the linked-in platform.

Before I share with you my 3 tips…

I’ll assume you’ve given attention to key linked-in profile components so that you make a good first impression.

Every time you share a post, comment on someone else post or send an invitation to connect, your linked-In Headline is the first thing people see therefore, it is worth putting some thought into.

Make it standout and show that you are the expert in something specific. Avoid showing up as a generalist. People want to deal with experts not Jacks of all trade. So, niche down… I have several videos on how to identify a profitable niche. Click here for access NOW: Along with your headline, make sure you have a professional looking head shot.

If all is clear… then you are set to start creating content.

In today’s article, I am sharing with you my 3 tips that have helped me spur my engagement on the platform and helped me attract paying clients to my 6-figure online consulting business.

1. Keep your articles Simple Stupid

Linked-In is a content platform and a ton of it is shared there. My question is, how do you grab the attention of the platform users? How do you get them to stop and read your articles?

When people are scrolling through the platform, only the first 2 lines of your article are seen. So, make them catchy, simple and something one could stop and want to read. Create curiosity and interest within those 1st two lines.

And when they click see more, make sure your article has good spacing between the lines. It should look readable even before it is read. Keep it simple stupid… no complicated vocabulary.

2. Write Content Directly on Linked-In

We all want to drive traffic from social media platforms to our landing pages or websites. The question is, how can you do it more effectively?

When it comes to Linked-In, keeping people on the platform itself can often produce better engagement. While it’s nice to have some clicks on your latest post, it likely isn’t your cash cow tactic.

Want real engagement? Stop sharing links that 99 percent of your audience is ignoring. It ain’t worth it. Instead, take advantage of Linked-In’s fantastic native content system and produce short engaging articles that hook your audience in without forcing them off the platform or disrupting their session.

While this won’t drive direct traffic to your site, you’re going to be focusing on the long game. Hooking people and branding yourself at the same time.

Good content wins people over every single time. And you don’t need to win them over on your own site at first.

3. Develop 4 Post Types for the Linked-In Feed

What should you post on linkedin? Here are some types of content you can share to spur your engagement on linked-In

Story Post

Stories capture attention in the feed more effectively than plain facts or tips. Telling stories will get your LinkedIn posts read and shared more, and help readers better understand the advice you’re sharing.

  • Share a personal before-and-after story related to your topic or niche and how you overcame it.
  • Share a success story about a student, client, or reader you’ve helped, following a similar before-and-after format.
  • Discuss a question a reader sent you and explain how you responded. Or talk about an interaction you had in the day and the lessons learnt and relate it to your readers.
Ask a question or hold an opinion poll

Ask unbiased questions to gather opinions. In this case, you serve as the facilitator. Make a statement and ask your audience for their opinion about it:

To visualize this, check this below

Share a value post.

Teach them something related to the niche you serve. Eg, How to easily identify the Niche you serve. Give them practical steps.

Share Positive Encouragement

Posts with positive sentiment tend to do well on LinkedIn. Show empathy for what your audience is going through and give them a morale boost. This can be just as powerful as sharing practical, how-to knowledge—and sometimes more!