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Are you struggling to attract clients to your consulting business?

Discover how you can set up your online coaching or consulting business and begin to effortlessly attract paying clients in 30 days

Our clients are seeing a huge influx of their online sales on the SPOT simply by using this simplified system in their online businesses

This is a 5 day program which you get to implement over the next 30 days with support from our award winning team of techs.

What you will get in this online training ...

A breakdown of the online training

Understanding your clients

There are fundamentals that you must master before you go into any business. It doesn’t matter which business; whether online or not.

In this class you will gain clarity on your mindset, who your client is, their pain points and how you can help them. You will get to understand your ideal customer in detail because it all starts from the customer

Your social media attraction strategy

Without a social media strategy you’re doomed to fail. You need to know which social media to focus on. How can you manipulate the social media platforms to grow your business.

In this class will help you grow your social media strategy. You will learn what to do on which social media platform so as to grow your business faster

Your 1 day product creation blueprint

I introduced this particular blueprint to several of my clients and they have been able to easily create their own first products which had taken them years going round. So when you too implement this blueprint, I am confident that you will easily create multiple product to generate income for your business

Drag 'n' drop sales funnel creation

Sales and marketing is an essential skill if you are to build a profitable business however you don’t have to figure it out on you r own. In this session, I will share with you the most preferable tools and templates as you build your streamlined online sales funnel.

Our technical team will also be on standby to walk you through this implementation phase.

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Imagine setting up your consulting business that runs on autopilot allowing you to focus on your vision or take that vacation …

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