About Us

At Intelligent Performance ...

We help leaders to re-align their teams and create a high-performance culture for seamless Execution of business goals, increased profits REAL impact In their industry!

Our credibility is as a result of over 10 years of truthful evaluation and relentless action and evaluation done for ourselves as a Team and Numerous clients across the business world.

It is from those learnings and high standards that we draw distinctions that inspire our clients to get 10X Results.


Introducing the Team ...

Coach Phill - CEO Intelligent Performance Ltd

I help you Start and Grow your Consulting/Coaching, and Training Business Fast without all the amateur mistakes. One stop Solution.

Hellen Nakame - Social Media Strategist

I help ambitious entrepreneurs to leverage their Social Media Platforms through content so they can position themselves as the experts in their industry.

Jennifer Mwangangi - Corporate Wellness Consultant

I help leaders and individuals to drastically improve their performance by re-introducing healthier lifestyles in their lives

Sudesh Kaka - Innovation & Design Thinking

I enable innovation capabilities for accomplished leaders. My work leads to boldness, high connectivity and productivity

Hassan Balix - Web & Systems Designer

I help entrepreneurs to set up automated virtual systems so that they generate leads & money online

Walter - Business Development Director

I help leaders and businesses to grow exponentially by analyzing and improving their processes and the people component