Did I ever share my story with you?

Hi, my name is Coach Phill and for the Last 18 years; I have invested time and money, and I have done whatever it has taken to understand what it takes to be a great speaker.

I remembered my story 18 years ago when I said I wanted to be a great speaker/leader but all effort was lost. I had spent about 10 years working for somebody else, building other people’s dreams.

I was what you would call, a personal Coach. I was coaching one on one and earning little bits of money, until I realized the only way I can get to the next level is if I become a world-class speaker. Then I dived into it, I invested time, money, looking for that particular secret to becoming a great speaker.

Guess what?

Low and behold, 18 years later, not only am I a great speaker, I command great amounts of money regarding my speeches and most importantly, I inspire other people to be great speakers. This is exactly what I want for you today.

Yes, you too can become whoever & whatever you want to be. Keep your dreams alive they are still valid.

Let me know what you would like to learn in regards to Public Speaking.

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