Are you frustrated that you aren't getting paid your worth?

Are you frustrated that you aren’t getting paid what you are worth?

Well, I’ll tell you the reason why …

You are a generalist. Hope you heard me right…. jen-er-uh-list

Here’s what happens when you are a generalist?

You always struggle to attract clients and also get paid what you want. Because you tend to get lost in a sea of sameness with other people in your line of business.

I mean…. the client can’t tell the difference between you and everybody else.

When you meet a client and say, “Oh…I am an accountant.” The Client is like, “Oh, another one of those.” He cannot tell the difference between you and everybody else.

And when they can’t tell the difference, you’ll have to compete based on price.

The problem with that is…..”when you live by price, you die by price.”

Do you want to know I came from being a generalist to a sought after World Class Coach?

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Coach Phill