Become an Expert and Get Paid More

Question: Are you the expert at what you do?

“Coach, what do you mean now?

Well an expert is one who is not just good at what they do, but people know that his good. These are people with a track record/history of success. They have a list of happy clients/customers. Such people are well known in their industry/niche.

If you are the expert in your industry, you must be making more money than most people. (If you are not…stick with me. Soon you will be)

Just think about it… When you want to solve a major life problem or business problem, who do you look for?

Do you look for a generalist or do you look for the expert?

Do you even look for the cheapest person in town?

Or do you go looking for the expert?

Well, now you see why you cannot afford to be a generalist anymore. Do you need help on how to identify your niche?

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Coach Phill