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Do you want to consult or Do you want to Coach?

Which of the two do you think will be easier to maximize your success in business. And can you do both of them?

In the next few minutes, I’ll be showing you the difference between Business Coaching and Business Consulting and by the end of the video you’ll be comfortable in whatever space you‘d have chosen to play.

business coaching vs consulting

Which is better? What should I do? Where do I start?

What is the difference between a Coach and a Consultant?

A consultant is has subject matter, can tell you what to do, can give you a road map and can give you the steps you got to take to do whatever you need to do to get you to the goal.


Whereas a Coach will facilitate a situation where you are coming up with the solutions. Where you are figuring it out yourself. 


In simplest terms, I have done both. 


I am an amazing leadership consultant because I have been in a leadership role, have run businesses and know what it takes. And most importantly, can consult on anything to do with culture change, team building, and leadership to the tip. 


However, I cannot consult on photography. Why?? I do not know anything about cameras however, I can coach a great photographer to build an amazing business in photography.


I can coach a chef because I know about food. I can also consult on a restaurant because that is a subject matter I understand. However, I cannot go and consult on electric cars because I have no clue. 


What makes the difference?


  1. Your skill level and your experience. 

How skilled and experienced you are is going to determine if you are going to go in and consult or if you are going to be a coach. Both these roles have pros and cons but if you are on a journey to start/grow your business as a coach /consultant, you are in the right place.


  1. Your clarity at the beginning of the entire journey. 

Your clarity in terms of your niche, your people, what problems they have, where they hang out, and how to hook them from there and be able to serve them.


  1. Your ability to deliver results. 

And that comes from you having that conversation in the mirror, “Can I coach somebody?”. For example, if you are a nutritionist then you could be a great coach at helping people to lose weight or you take them to the gym and you know what to do and you know the meal structure… 


But you could also consult on a company or a school that wants to change their meals for their children to be better. You could do both however on the other hand you might be great at consulting when it comes to payroll and HR matters but you are not necessarily good at coaching leaders to do that stuff.

So you just have to look at your level of experience and then decide where you are going to go.


  1. Consultants are usually big picture, fundamentals. 

They’ll tell you what to do whereas the coach stands back and elicits from you. Create a situation where you have to think, you have to come up with stuff and then they will encourage and push. They’ll use all the coaching language/methods to help you to come up with ways for you to excel.


  1. The coach will have a lot more of the tactic/drills and steps and facilitation whereas the consultant will come to you and say this is where we are going to go and this is what you are going to do.


  1. Finally, it depends on how much you are willing to put in, in terms of work and how much or where you find your sweet spot in terms of delivery. I love it when am coaching executives, when am doing leadership executive coaching. I love it because I get to see people turning around. I see people coming from failures to understanding humans, to understanding motivation and that stuff really gets me juiced up. 


But you know the best part… This is when I coach them to leave their jobs and start their own consulting firms. When I find somebody who used to be an HR manager now they are becoming a consultant in human behavior or a consultant in whatever they decide to do, that stuff is amazing to see that journey too.


Now both of those I have subject matter, I understand them very well, I did them myself. That is where I did most of my training therefore it is easy for me to do.


You are going to have to ask yourself… If you ask me where I thrive the best, it’s that executive getting him and coaching him to become a better human being, to become a better speaker, to become a business owner, to build up their businesses. That is what really gets me going. That is what I want to share here with you say hey, decide where is your sweet spot. 


So, Do you want to consult or do you want to coach?