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  • The New Year has just began, so to help you have an incredible 2020, I’ve done something pretty special …

I’ve created a way for you to get three of my very best training's/courses on how to raise your game in your personal life and career - so you can achieve your goals this 2020.

This is so important, I’ve even created a page that explains everything.

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  • Happy new year.

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  • Do you want to be a winner? Beat the odds and have a smooth sail to the land of your dreams? 
I thought about you, and here are 3 gifts for you.
Your 2020 is going to be a fantastic year 
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  • Happy holidays to you all from the IP family. 
Thanks for making 2019 great. 
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  • To increase accountability and get the results you need in 2020, you have to define your role as leader. 
It’s your turf and your responsibility. One of your main responsibilities is to create winning situations for your team, where winning is defined as meeting the business’ top priorities toward profit making. 
Once these priorities are identified, they should be clear, measurable and achievable, if not easy.

Remember, great leaders don't tell you how it is done. They show you how it is done.

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  • Fact: You tell the world what you believe via how you behave. 
Complain all day long and you reveal a deeply ingrained set of beliefs that you are powerless and apathetic. 
Present work that has typos and poor wording and you express a belief that average is cool with you. 
Mistreat others and you reveal that you’re selfish–and disconnected from the beautiful humanity that surrounds you. 
Good news, as you wire in the beliefs of leadership versus victimhood, your behavior changes automatically.

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