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Do you know that you being a powerful communicator has a tremendous transfer value to everything you do?

Well, as a presentation coach for over 18years, I have witnessed transformations going far beyond improved presentation skills, including increased self-esteem, greater self-confidence and an increased desire to tackle other challenges.

I have felt the debilitating fear of public speaking, and I also know what it is like to bask in the applause.

Your 3 tips: To help you control your presentation jitters and make those annoying butterflies fly in formation:

1. It’s good to be nervous.

Every speaker I know gets nervous before speaking.

Being nervous means, you care about giving a good presentation. Your nervousness produces adrenaline which helps you think faster, speak more fluently, and add the needed enthusiasm to convey your message.

2. Don’t try to be perfect.

The fear of public speaking often stems from a fear of imperfection. Accept the fact that no one ever gets it perfect and neither will you.

You do not have to become a Super Speaker, never saying “er” or “uh,” and never losing your train of thought. Be yourself–your audience will appreciate it.

3. Know your subject.

You must “earn the right” to talk about your subject. Become an authority on your topic and know more than most or all of the people in your audience.

The more you know, the more confident you will be.

Please let me know what else you would love to learn in this area of Public Speaking.

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