Do Your Clients Understand Your Value?

A story is told…

A father before he died, told his son. “Son, this piece is over 100 years old and it was given to me by your grandfather. This is the last item I am leaving you. Go to the nearest watch shop and ask how much they’ll pay for it.”

The son went and came back, “Father, they said they’d offer me $5.” The father said, “Son, go check out another shop.” He went out and came back, “Father, it’s the same thing. They said they’d not pay me more than$5.” The father said, “Son now I want you to go to the museum and ask them how much they’d pay you for this watch.”

He went and came back, “Father, you will not believe this. The museum said they’d offer me a $1,000,000 for this piece. The father said, “Son this is what I want you to know. The right place will value you the right way. So, don’t get angry if you catch yourself at the wrong place if you are not valued.

Have you ever talked to a prospect and they lied to you? Mennn…. prospects lie all the time and sometimes they will tell you, “Coach, I can’t afford that. What you are selling is too expensive. It’s outrageous.”

Guess what? Very often it’s not the price that they object to. It’s the value they object to. What they are saying is, what you are selling is not worth the price you are asking.

Well, it has more to do with them than it has to do with you.

If you are selling to the wrong people, you are selling in the wrong place and lowering your price may not help with response. It might not get you more orders.

It is very critical to see who you are selling to, to find and to identify your ideal clients.


Coach Phill