Foundational Principles That Make a Great Leader


You being a leader isn’t about being liked. It’s about doing what’s right. Great leaders run their own race, making the right decisions and worrying little about public opinion. They are courage in action.

Today I am sharing about the foundational principles of great leadership. Principles that make a difference not just to oneself, but to the people one leads, to family and to the world we leave in. If you miss these principles, it might be okay but it won’t be great. So, here you go…

The Power of the Inner Game for the Leader.

Winning on the inside before winning on the outside is the only way to make a difference. You as a leader, you as a potential leader, you as a leader who is already pretty good, but wants to get to the next level, you’ve got to be very clear on the inside.

Ask yourself questions, “What is my purpose here? What is my purpose of doing this? What is my purpose of wanting to become a better leader?”

That purpose is not what other people expect. It’s not what other people have said it should be. It is your inner world saying, “this is the reason that am doing what am doing. This is the reason why I want to become a better leader. This is the reason why am going to do whatever it takes to be the leader that makes the difference, a leader that everybody is craving for in this world.”

There are so many people out there who haven’t taken time to work on their inner game. They are literally struggling to make a difference on the outside. They make a little bit of progress then they fall apart. They make a little bit of progress then they don’t have the stamina to stay the whole way, why? They haven’t taken time to work on the inner part of it.

Why are you doing what you are doing?

To win in this game you must not only play full out but, you must PLAY AT 110%.

There are so many people who have ideas and know so much stuff. These people try and never seem to get ahead. They try, do halfway and they give up. They try and never find ways of maneuvering around the few obstacles they might have, why? Because of lack of 110% commitment.

I request you to commit 110% to becoming a better leader. Because, I and my team commit to give you whatever it takes to help you to get to that level. I myself commit to giving you 110% and beyond but, I will need your commitment.

I will need you to commit to this cause. I will need you to commit to changing your life. I will need you to commit inside yourself and say, “It’s time for me to make a difference. It’s time for me to become better. It’s time for me to do my bit of becoming a better leader that I ought to be,” why?

Self-motivation is the best thing that you can ever do for yourself. Self-motivation is one of those things you don’t need to be told. You just get moving.

Great Leaders Set a Big Why Goal.

Setting a big enough why goal gives you the greatest motivation that you need to give you the edge. There are so many people who set goals but, those goals are not a bigger enough “why”. That’s why they never scale up enough to get to the level of doing what they ought to do. 

Your why has got to be so big that the world has no choice but to give you the how. Don’t worry about the how for now. It doesn’t matter. What matters right now is, why do I want to do this? Write it inform of a goal.

“The reason why I must become a better leader is this.” That big enough why is so crucial. It should be one of the first things you’re writing down in your journal in bold.

The THREE BIGGEST QUESTIONS you can ask yourself. It helps you to take traditional goal setting from just being traditional goal setting to taking it to another level of deliberately creating your life. Why answer these 3 questions;

  • It gives you momentum.
  • It gives you clarity.
  • It helps you to allow the universe to correspond to you.
  • It gives you excitement because you’re able to articulate the things that you want to achieve.


  • What do I want to experience in my life as a leader? Write about experiences that excite you.
  • How am I going to have to grow to experience what I just wrote? What kind of growth am I going to have to go through?
  • How do I want to contribute? The more you put yourself in a position of contribution, somehow you have to grow bigger. The more you give, the more the universe is going to reward you.

  • Clarity is Power from a Leadership Point of View.

The question I usually ask my business community and the people that I engage with is; what is the number one priority of a leader right now in this environment today? What is the number one priority for a business leader today?

The number one priority for a leader is to create clarity. The number one priority for leaders is the clarity of purpose and the burning desire to make a massive difference to the people that you serve. There so many leaders who have it up there in their head, but it is not so clear as something that is a burning desire. My question to you is, what is your number one purpose as a business leader going forward from today?

Because, that will create momentum, that will give you discipline, that will make sure that you create the kind of discipline that takes away all the things that prevent you from being the leader that you ought to be. People don’t have the discipline because, they don’t have clarity. People don’t have the ability to look for role models who will help them along the way because, they don’t have clarity. What is your number one purpose for being a great leader?

Remain Outstanding.