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Holiday Gift Bundle from Coach Phill

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Your success is very dependent on your Attitude, Metal Strength, and Commitment to achieving your goals.

With this special package, you will discover how to ensure you stay motivated and reinvigorated in your pursuit for success.

You will learn to use proven and tested methods that continue to shape and produce some of the worlds most influential figures and leaders.

By the time you are done with these guides and courses, you will be transformed into an unstoppable force with a clear purpose ready to live healthier adn also making more money.

The program was intense & met my needs totally. Coach Phill is exceptional and his various skills are catchy. Intelligent performance is in the business of making people's lives better through empowering them positively
Yvonne Kabataizibwa
Self Employed

This Special Package Includes the following Premium Products ...

How to Become Captivating  a World Class Speaker PDF

Are you an aspiring speaker? Are you an expert who wants to share their knowledge? Have you reached that level where you need to earn from your knowledge and skills?

This is the PDF for you!

Winners Mindset For High Performance

Discover the step by step system used by high flying performers and leaders to boost productivity and get massive results. Adapt the winning habits and routines into your life and watch your life transform in less than 6 months

This package includes:

  • Instruction Videos
  • Audios
  • Downloadable PDF Worksheets and Guides.

High Performance Execution Guide

Learn how to consistently achieve your goals, change your life and reach your full potential in less than a year.

This PDF Includes guides and exercises to help you hold yourself accountable and monitor your progress.

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