How I Started A Coaching and Consulting Business That Makes 5 Figures Every Month

These exact steps and secrets now help my students start and grow their own
successful coaching and consulting businesses

What you will discover in this free masterclass:

  • The unique character traits 90% of ALL successful consultants have in common which you can also use to grow your business faster

  • A specific and easy to follow plan to get more customers so that you generate sales consistently

  • The most common AND deadly mistakes that underachieving businesses or consultants make and how you can avoid them

  • The Specific strategies that will actually help you move your business towards generating 5 – 6 figures monthly

  • How to instantly eliminate all fear, doubt and non-supportive beliefs around growing your business so that you achieve accelerated growth

Spots are limited and so attendance is on a first come first served basis

What you will have by the end of the training ...

  1. Be able to sign on Clients With Proven Strategies without necessarily being salesy or look desperate.
  2. You will Get your prospects into a funnel that engages them automatically and turns them into raving fans without you having to do all the manual tiring work.
  3. You will have a seamless system in place that works for you remotely so you can free your self to concentrate on serving your clients.

What Previous Participants of coach phill's trainings Had To Say ...

A little about your instructor, coach phill ...

Coach Phill has helped thousands of consultants and speakers across the world to move from just speaking to building thriving consultancy businesses.

His students come from a variety of industries and countries across the globe.

One thing Coach Phill ensures is that his students must always go on to become the best in their respective fields.

Coach Phill is the creator of many programs such as:

  • World class consultants’ online course which has helped countless consultants to set up thriving businesses and triple their wealth
  • World class speakers training which has produced some of the best quality speakers internationally
  • Winners mindset and high-performance online course which has helped a number of students to quickly improve their productivity and master winning habits for effectiveness in business and life

Coach Phill has a non-apologetic assault on mediocrity and does not stop until his students begin to perform exceptionally