Here’s one of the secrets I use in sales.

I call it Customer Avatar. Well, I have been using this term even before I ever heard about the famous movie by the name of Avatar.
So, am not just being a wanna be here….

What is customer Avatar?

Customer Avatar is an imaginary customer that you make up in your mind that, embodies the needs of all your customers. In short, you are making up a customer in your mind. An idealized customer that’s based on the needs of all your customers.

This is the weird thing about customer avatar…. Your avatar is not a normal person. In fact, they only have the qualities that your customers have. The way to design your customer avatar is to study the needs of your customers and to talk to your customers. Ask them about their fears, frustrations, and understand their psychology.

In short, you are studying the needs of your customers. Study their needs to the point where you can actually speak as though you were them. Once you know their qualities, now you can imagine their gender, age, interests, worries, fears, name them.

When you understand who your avatar is, changes will reflect in the numbers.

Are you a Consultant looking to discover who your dream customer is? Or do you have trouble picking the most profitable niche? Or do you have a desire to understand your ideal customer avatar and their real desires and problems?

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