Are you stuck, lack passion & purpose or Clarity of Life’s Direction? 

Discover How to consistently Achieve your Goals, Change your Life and reach your Full Potential….

My Bitter Realisation

It’s 24th December, 2015 and I & the team are still in office. We had planned to be away on holiday the whole of December & January but, here we were in office on a hot Christmas Eve afternoon.

Before I share this, I would like to let you know that I am not the kind of person who likes sharing personal stuff about myself or team members but this is so important so I have to …

As I sat down in my office that Christmas Eve afternoon, I reflected back on how the year had been and how I had begun the year with high zeal and energy.

Usually when the year begins, am always full of energy & zeal. I set goals and targets and how I want to grow in that particular year, how much $$$$$$$ I want to make as a business man, how many trips I want to make, how many Public Seminars I want to hold, how many contracts I want to sign and most importantly, how many lives I want to touch.

The Search for What Works …

Guess what, it’s December and I have not achieved 80% of my set targets and am asking myself, “what could have happened?” “what went wrong?” “how did I miss it?”


I therefore went on a quest to discover how successful people do it. How are they able to get better and earn much more year after year? And also, how come they consistently achieve their goals?

What I discovered was just mind blowing and it total changed my life and that of my team members. Surprisingly, what I discovered is not that extra-ordinary, its practical and all of us can put it to work to achieve results consistently.

Hi, I am Coach Phill and I have compiled all this in a package that I would love you to have. This information kept us challenged and helped us raise our productivity to a whole new level. I and the team became clearer about who we are, what we are about and what exactly we want to achieve.

What is your Frustration?

So, how are you living your life or how have you been doing it? Does the fear of failure scare you? Are you afraid of the future? Or are you seeking for a clear direction in life? Are you running your life on other people’s opinions? Or are you afraid of letting down your friends and family?

Well, let all these worry you no more, let the “Winners’ Mindset for High Performance and Achievement Course” lead you on.

What does all this mean?

It is possible to consistently achieve your goals, change your life and ultimately reach your full potential. And guess what; yes it’s possible for even you to reach your full potential.

Here’s what you DON’T need… You don’t need to be the smartest, brightest or richest person for you to function at your highest potential.

All you need is a willing heart to make changes and also applying the right principles and strategies which I clearly stated in the “High Performance Execution Guide”.

So, what exactly will you get from this course?

The “Winners Mindset for High Performance and Achievement” will give you;

  • Clarity on what exactly is that ONE BIG DESIRE that you want to create in your life so that you concentrate on things that bring you more value and do what you love.
  • It will leave you inspired and fired up to take on life’s challenges.
  • It will also challenge you to raise your productivity so that you are happier and more successful
  • It will show you the proven strategies on how you can get that dream job
  • Most importantly, you’ll get a coach and mentor who will guide towards your success in life.
  • Become certain and confident of the future therefore purposeful
  • Begin to interact with likeminded people who will cheer you on and help you
  • Do what you love to do therefore earn more happily

I think that is pretty cool….

Some of What You’ll Cover in this Execution Online Course

Not only will you learn some of the best and most applicable life skills and principles that you can implement right away, you will also learn:

  1. How to effectively set and achieve your goals consistently
  2. How to develop winner’s behaviors that improve your productivity
  3. How to master time management and achieve the most out of your 24 hours
  4. How to grow your self esteem and personal confidence
  5. How to create relationships that build your personality
  6. How to start and grow a successful business
  7. How to easily identify the barriers stopping you from achieving your goals
  8. How to develop and earn from  your talent
  9. How to grow your career
  10.  How to create masterminds and networks that grow you

Winner’s Mindset for High Performance and Achievement is a 100% digital training program, which means you’ll get instant access to the entire program right after you order. All the material is available for streaming online or you can download it to your computer for offline study. 

This amazing course includes

18 Full Length Video Training Sessions — You can stream these online or download to your computer to watch offline at your convenience.

18 Full Length Audio versions of the training — You can stream these online or download to your computer to take on the go. Perfect for your commutes

E-Book with Practical real world principles and exercises to implement what you learn fast

The Big Question

By now you might be asking yourself, how can I get this guide….

Like seriously…. How??? And what is the price……

And if you did, you might be wondering why the High-Performance Execution Guide is so inexpensive.

After all, I have a reputation for putting on $1,000 events.

So here’s the simple answer – I’m radically under pricing this package for just these 14 days. The cost is only $40.… which is a nearly-insane value.

The content in the course is worth 10x the cost of the course… but for the next 14 days, I’m going to make it ridiculously easy for you to get this online course.

So please don’t let the low price make you think that this course will be anything short of world-class in content. It’s totally amazing.

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