Secrets of great leaders who turned around organizations.

Well, the construction and installation of superior habits is a dominant focus for any epic producer. As a leader, introduce in your life awesome habits and amazing results will automatically follow. You’ll become a giant of getting big things done.

Today I will be sharing with you high performance practices and strategies. Do you want to increase your performance and be one of the 5% performing at the highest level, then check this out?

Today I want to talk about high performance practices and strategies. What do those guys who are really performing out there, what practices and strategies do they have? If I want to increase my performance and be one of the 5% who are performing at that level, this is what I need to do;

Be present in the moment.

Great performers are present in the now. They concentrate on the now. They do what matters today. They don’t leave in their past. They are not thinking about or even worrying about their future. They are present in doing their best today. They are giving their best shot now.

Practice happiness now.

Great performers practice happiness now. I like what T. Harv Eker says, “Practicing happiness now ensures that you get rich now”. Great performers have the strategy of saying, “I am grateful now, I am practicing it now, I am being happy now”.

Be super fit.

Great performers look after themselves. It’s unbelievable. They make sure that it is not an option. It’s not, “should I work out today, should I eat right”. No! It is a deliberate action to be healthy, to be fit, to hydrate, to look after themselves both mentally and physically.

Don’t allow to be ruled by the outside world.

Great performers are not ruled by their phones, it’s amazing.  I have got a very successful client. This gentleman is so distracted by his phone. I once told him, “you’re married to your phone and your wife will ask for a divorce”.

Every time he’s on his phone either answering this or asking that. There’s nothing that goes unattended to on his phone.

You need to take back your time. You need to take back your audacity to be the one who decides when you answer the phone. Great performers are not ruled by social media. They are fully in charge of their life. Are you?

Invest more in education vis-a-vis entertainment.

Great high performers invest in their education first before they do entertainment. Do they go and watch a movie once in a while?  Aabsolutely.  But their priority is, educate yourself first and entertainment. That is what high performers’ do. Is this what you do?

Understand it is a number’s game.

Great performers understand they’ve got to perform a lot more, they’ve got to produce more, they’ve got to put in more hours in the gym, they’ve got to put in more hours in product development and they’ve got to do more. It’s a number’s game.

They got to make more money. It’s a number’s game everywhere you look. How many times did I do this, this way? How many people are coming through? High performers understand that, and they consistently focus on it to make sure that, they are increasing the numbers.

Become super, super environmentally guarded.

Great performers are so aware of what comes into their space. They are so aware of who they listen to and what they are reading. It’s unbelievable. They guard their inner circle so fiercely because they know, “surround yourself with the right people and the right environment and you’ll get the right input”. 

The only people Great performers allow in their space are those who are going to inspire them and also bring more value to them.

Outperform your competition every time.

Super high performers know that, they’ve got to work harder than anybody else. They know, they have got to put in the hours. Do you want to have a great body? It doesn’t come out of wishy thinking, “oh my, I want a six pack.” No! You’ve got to get out and work. You’ve got to outwork everybody out there.

Think about it; how are you showing up? What kind of performance have you put in? What kind of performance are you putting in? When you understand that, you’ve got to out work everybody and get into that realm of super performers.

Become ferociously curious.

These leaders are curious about everything that’s going on. They ask questions, they are always looking to find, “what does that mean? What has changed there?”

They are totally ferocious. When you have a conversation with them, they are always taking notes and they are always looking to say, “how do we get this? How do we get that done?

Have a high level of sensory acuity.

These leaders have a high level of understanding their environment. They have a high level of knowing what is going on around them consistently every day. They know what is happening. They know what’s going on in their industry. They can feel what’s coming in their industry.

They work on knowing everything that they ought to know, why? They know, that kind of sensory acuity gives them the lead and gives them that extra edge that high performers require.

Love life.

These leaders really love to have a blast. If they are going to have a good time, with the girls or with the boys, they really go and have a blast. When they are doing their work, it’s either they have got a joyful, playful seriousness about it but, it’s all about loving life.