You’ll thank me after reading this.    

Well, has it ever crossed your mind that your listeners actually want to know more about you?

Yes they do….and guess what? This builds rapport.

Well, consider telling your audience humorous incidents from your own life. Perhaps they were not funny when they occurred but you can laugh at them now.

If you can laugh at them, chances are high that your audience will too.

Ho Ho Hold on, here are some ground rules:

I have witnessed too many presenters start their presentations with a joke or funny story, receive a good laugh, and then leave the audience wondering the purpose of telling the story.


Your goal is not to be the next comedian but to increase the impact of your message. Always link your funny story to a point.

Get a story that will typically get a good laugh and when it does, it’s time to link it to your more serious point.

Let me know how it goes when you apply this technique.

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