Let me break it down….

Ever wondered how much people really remember from your speech long after you are gone?

This is it…..

As humans, we tend to remember items that are in groups of three better than any other grouping. If you can limit your presentation to only three points, you’re all set.

Practice this……and your listeners will remember your entire message;

Group your main points in groups of three.

Provide a roadmap in the beginning of your presentation such as: “First, I’ll cover [item 1, item 2, and item 3] next, we’ll take a look at [item 4, item 5 and item 6]; and finally we’ll explore [item 7, item 8 and item 9].”

In the body of your presentation, after you’ve covered a section, summarize what you covered before moving to the next section.

Most presenters summarize only at the end of the presentation, when the audience may already be lost or sleeping.

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