How To Ensure a Healthy Team Composition For Maximum Organizational Output

You are on the highway and all of a sudden, you hear a rattle in your vehicle’s engine. If you ignore it for too long, your car may stop running. One defective part can cause the car to break down completely. Similarly, the smooth functioning of a team is impacted by its weakest link. When one person routinely under performs, the whole team suffers. Here are two factors I want you to take note of as a leader.

Composition of your team as a leader

Sometimes, you find that a leader (usually a fantastic leader), will go on to have people around him that are either just like him or, a little below him.  

Sometimes, you don’t know this but, the leaders go out to specifically employ people who are like them. Therefore, the entire organization is the same because, the leader has gone and surrounded himself to keep themselves comfortable with people who are just like them.

How are you getting people in and what kind of people are you getting in? Are you getting in people who are just like you? Because if you are, guess what? You’re only going to be able to move so far.

How do you or what kind of person are you attracting, developing and retaining.

The kind of people that you’re attracting, usually, will be attracted to you as a person or to the culture of the organization or, they’re just passing through.

Over time, organizations where we found a gap between expected performance and actual performance, the leaders where attracting people who only had skill.

Either you can have skill and attitude. You can have a better attitude and less skill, but this is it, you will get people who are fantastic at the skill but their attitude stinks. That means, their attitude is not a team spirit attitude. That means, you cannot move at the speed that is required.

Its been said, employ for attitude and train for skill, hire for attitude and employ for skill. 

Here are two aspects why certain companies don’t perform as they should.

  1. The way the leader is surrounding himself with people who are like him. People who will just blow air around him that he wants to listen to. Therefore, it is his way or the highway and what happens is, he’s not growing, they’re not growing therefore the organization is just cruising along.
  2. Where leaders have a notion that, as long as somebody is technically brilliant, clever (A student). If you are the A student and you are not a team player and don’t have a “we don’t finish until its done kind of attitude”, you are never going to be able to help and be able to give the business the kind of return it expects.

See you on the other side of success. Thank you.