How to stay on top of your game even in a not so favorable environment.


Ever wondered; how you could prioritize your work? How you could prioritize your work to get the right things done and become very productive?

One of the things I have learned over time as a leader is, there are only a few things that matter. And if you could only work on a few things, you will get very strong and very profitable results. If you don’t do those few things, then you are going to get horrible results.

Because most of us are distracted and more interrupted, we have got a lot of things on our mind. We have a big list of to dos. And its sometimes not easy to remember to just take a minute and ask, “What are the important things?”

When you take a minute to ask, “What are the important things?” Well, sometimes you will not have the tools to help you value the different things on the list so that you get the important ones for the top. I have shared with you some tips that great leaders use to increase their productivity.

  • They focus on what they want to work on today not what worked yesterday and, not what they think might have worked 2 years ago. These guys focus on what it is they are going to do that is going to work today. They focus on what is working today that will make the biggest difference to the people they serve. So, Focus, focus, focus.
  • They focus on the 90 to 120 rule. These guys focus on everyday having those 90 to 120 minutes of uninterrupted focus and concentration. They get something and, for 90 to 120 minutes they are not going to do anything else except focus on that. There’re no interruptions in that 90 to 120 minutes. After 120 minutes they stand up and take a walk to give the brain a break.
  • They always focus on a value. These guys focus on providing more value than creating more business, why? If you focus on always giving more value, always going the extra mile and always giving people more than they expected, that inevitably has a rip-off effect on how much business you are going to get. Why? They are going to recommend you.
  • They don’t focus on time management. These guys focus on self-management, why? When you manage yourself then you can manage time. When you know what you want to do and when you want to do it, you have that self-discipline which is so crucial to your productivity.
  • They focus on what will work in the future not what worked in the past. These guys take their time to find out that one thing they think is going to make things happen for the future.


Stay focused today.