How To Get Started With Or Without Resources

It Doesn’t Matter Where you Start!

I hope this Inspires, motivates, annoys, and or challenges someone into action today.

Many many moons ago I was born in a little riverside town to a hard-working factory worker Dad and an amazing stay-at-home Mum (COO).

I had a below middle-class upbringing, average education in a broken education system, Super low self-esteem and if you are a naysayer this list goes on and on……

My Future was almost predictable – Average Factory worker or government employee.

And according to my family history and the standards of my environment at that time, that was as good as it would get!

However for some reason that I couldn’t explain I felt very uncomfortable with that picture, most of the time I was unhappy, felt lost, didn’t fit in, and to many of my peers at the time a loser dreamer (as was always reminded by our rich neighbor’s brother).

Now I could go on and write for hours about that history and it would take days however this piece is a short one to tell you It doesn’t matter where you come from, Who abused you, What generational curses you carry and the list of silly excuses goes on….

What Matters is do you have a real burning unwavering desire to Change “YOUR” Story!?

A change was needed and I knew it, but where would I start?

Four things Played a big Part in this Story

  • A Burning Desire to rewrite the story.
  • Change of Environment. (Didn’t realize the power of this until much later in my business life)
  • Uncommon No Bs Mentorship and Guidance.
  • Willing to do what others were not willing to do (Outwork, out sacrifice and outdo myself)

I read a couple of books, watched some videos, attended a few MLM business and non-business workshops and seminars and after a while, the power of the compounding effect started to show up.

There was an urge to start my own business as a means to get out of working for somebody else (Building other people’s dreams as my first mentor referred to employment)

So I started my first solo business venture – Teaching Public Speaking and Personal Development and in my very first seminar I attracted 3 people………..That’s right! Three people in a room hired to hold 60-100 people.

I had paid for 60 people, the entire day room hire fee, meals, water, and snacks…. AND Only 3 people sat in that audience (FYI – they were passers-by who heard good music and their curiosity to check it out on a Friday morning lured them into my seminar hall and I trapped them there for as long as I could…. and I trained them like I was training a room full of 60 people.

Needless to say after morning tea break they didn’t return!!

Fast forward to today, I have invested over $100k, read over 100 books, attended over 30 seminars/workshops across the world, learnt from some of the best teachers in coaching consulting and business, and joined high-level masterminds.

I have also managed to build a six-figure business through the hardest decade of my life. (Story for another day).

Now I don’t know where you are on your journey, I don’t know what your challenges and excuses are … I don’t know your history.

What I am certain of is…

If ”YOU” decide that now is the time to change your story then just Do it because you can and it’s possible.

My advice to people who are in a similar situation that I was in?

  • Decide that your story must change positively and take Total full 100% Responsibility to do Just that. Only you are responsible for writing a better one and growing into a different person so Just do it!
  • Seek Mentorship or coaching or guidance – whatever it is…Go find someone or some people and join their communities, seek guidance, mentorship from someone who has achieved what you want. (If it is humanly possible then it is for you too!) This is called Leverage.
  • Make sacrifices. Nothing was ever achieved by mediocre comfortable input and work ethic. Identify what is keeping you from growing to your desired situation and sacrifice it unconditionally PERIOD. You must sacrifice for your goals now, if you don’t then your goals will ultimately become the Sacrifice in the end.

Nothing changes if you don’t change.

  • Make it clear to yourself and everyone that matters that you are entering a stage of transformation that is going to demand the best of you.
  • Decide and commit to outworking yourself and everyone you know and watch as the compound effect takes over and things begin to turn in your favor.

So over to you now – What is left is for you to decide that your current situation is unacceptable and take Massive action to change it.

Do it because you If I can do it, you can too.


Lots of Love