I have met people who think they don’t need to be trained in leadership. They say, “I am already a leader, I am a department head, I am a supervisor. Why do I really need to be trained? I am already leading people.”

Think about it, how would it be like if you increased your influence over the people you lead or your children or your spouse or even in your community. I suppose you are currently a leader and have this big position for example supervisor or manager or whatever else it is.

Have you ever thought of the possibility that people are following you because they have to?  I mean you are the boss with this big title.

I’ll let you in on a secret…..your position won’t make you a leader but if you are a good leader, you can make the position.

Check this out……

When people follow you for your position, they’ll give you the least amount of their energy and effort. Naturally, people don’t want to follow people because they have to follow people.

Does this happen to you……

By 4:30 pm, your employees start clearing their desks and moving stuff out of their way because it’s only 30 minutes to the highlight of the day when they get to leave the office.

At 4:45 pm, they leave their desks to go say bye, bye to their fellow employees…watch this. All this is happening on company time.

4:50 pm, they go to the restrooms for a loo break.

4:55 pm, they are changing their shoes

By 5:00 pm, everybody is gone. The parking lot is almost empty. You wonder, how people could leave a building so fast without a fire alarm going out.

When you see this, never wonder why you are not getting the best out of your people. This is because your people are following you because you have a title.

See why you can never rule out the need to be trained in leadership.