Here’s a question you should ask yourself…

“How do I protect my time, energy, and money? So that I am only spending them on those things that will take me closer to my goals.”

If you don’t value your time, knowledge, and energy, why would you expect anybody else to?

Some of us are not very comfortable asking for money. People want your time, you just give them your time.

Quick question: Why do you get uncomfortable asking for money? Is it self esteem or you just don’t value your time enough to charge for it.

When you charge, your client is more likely to take you seriously and they too are more likely to get better results. If they get better results they become better clients and they refer you to other clients. Right!!

2 years back I bought an online course for $2000. Mennn…this freaked me out. I studied that course like crazy. I did whatever it took to make it work and it did.

Over time, I have noticed…if someone pays me X for my time or if they pay 2X or 3X, they will take it more seriously and they will get better results.

How much is your time worth? What activities should you be spending time on? What activities should you have others do for you?

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