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Idea is 1%, 99% is Execution

I was born in the most beautiful city in the world…Jinja (No hard feelings… this is a personal opinion)

Imagine… you want to drive a car from one city to another(your home town). You think it’s a good idea, you are super motivated and very optimistic. You just can’t wait to get there.

However… you don’t know how to drive. You don’t even have the basic skills but you are sure you are going to drive yourself to your home town.

Stop for a second…

Why do most businesses fail on the 1st day thou it takes them 5 years to realize it?

person with a hammer standing on the roof of a car

Well, it’s lack of business skills. The enthusiasm is great, the idea is awesome however, they lack the skill sets.

No one taught them the business skills needed in order to be a successful consultant…

I love to say, only Consultants, Coaches, Speakers and Trainers with a predictable system for Solid Foundations, Setting up to win before Hand, Structuring and Positioning themselves with Audacity can Say that “I GOT THE COMBINATION RIGHT and now I Attract the clients, make the money and the Impact.”

If you have the driving skill set chances of you getting to your home town safe are a lot higher. If your home town is far, you can ask a friend to come with you as a partnership. When you get sleepy, he can always take over because it’s a long drive.

I’m going to share exactly how myself and my clients have installed the 4 step Frame work Combination for Starting and scaling your Consultancy and online training Business so that you too can attract 5-10 new high ticket clients every single month.

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