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Do you know that lack of money is never a problem?

Well, lack of money is simply a symptom of the problem. What the problem really is, is lack of skill.

Yes…lack of skills.

Have you heard of stories of lottery winners that win millions and a few years later they are broke?

Why is this? They have money but they don’t have the skills of the rich.

I am rich, not because of my money but because of my skills.

And here’s one skill I believe you need to understand and master if you want to be rich.

The ability to speak to groups…..Public speaking.

Almost all great leaders, they are all great public speakers such as Warren Buffet, Tony Robbins, John C Maxwell.

Are you afraid to speak to groups? Do you know how to present your ideas to groups? Can you communicate with conviction and certainty? Can you interact with your audience?

Guess what? Public speaking is a learnable skill and I’ll be teaching some of it at the one day with Coach Phill event.


Coach Phill

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