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Winners Mindset & High Performance Achievement

Discover how to consistently achieve your goals, change your life and reach your full potential

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What You'll Learn from This Online Course

Clarity of Your Purpose

You’ll get clarity of what you are up to. Why you want to do it. And why it’s important for you. Then you’ll begin to rock and roll towards your goals much quicker and faster because of clarity. Remember, Clarity is power.

Healthy Lifestyle

How do you sustain your stamina? How do you make sure that what you’re putting in your system is what is required to keep you going and pushing? Remember, you cannot sustain the message if you’re unfit.

Amplify Your Motivation

It’s called raising your necessity. Why do you do what you do? Who are you fighting for? Who are you making things happen for? What is that one thing that is going to fuel you, when the fan runs out or when nobody is there to cheer you on? What exactly keeps you going?

Productivity Acceleration

How are people getting the best out of their days? Remember, we all have the same time. How do you make sure you are producing better?

Improve Persuasion & Influence

There’s no dream that you’ll achieve on your own. You got to be able to understand the psychology of getting people on board. You got to understand how to build a team. It doesn’t matter; you might just want to be a leader or just want to own a one man business. You still must understand influence.

Ignite Your Warrior Spirit

Do you have what it takes to become unstoppable? I know you have a lot of potential and ideas you want to try out. What has stopped you until now.

It is time to get whatever you want.


What Others Are Saying ...

I Got Back So Much More than My Investment! The training was awesome and amazing. I gained back my total investment and more. Meeting coach Phill is the greatest thing that ever happened in my life this year. Meeting him Dec 2011 means my Jan 2012 and beyond is going to be great and never the same again - ,

Judith Athieno

Higher Education Loans Board, Tanzania​

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  • Video Episodes Plus Downloads
  • Audio Versions to Download and Listen Later
  • Worksheets to help you take notes and action points

Some of what you'll cover ...

  • Clarity on what exactly is that ONE BIG DESIRE that you want to create in your life so that you concentrate on things that bring you more value and do what you love.
  • How to develop winner’s behaviors and routines that will help improve your productivity
  • How to master time management and achieve the most out of your 24 hours
  • How to grow your self esteem and personal confidence to give you zeal to take action much faster
  • How to create relationships that build your personality and surround yourself with people who help you grow

How to start and grow a successful business

  • How to easily identify the barriers stopping you from achieving your goals and easily getting rid of them so that you move faster
  • How to develop and earn from your talent
  • How to grow your career much faster
  • How to grow your career much faster

What Previous Participants Had to Say ...

To be honest, I didn’t know what I was doing here until I walked on the fire. Everything started making sense
Kevin Laswai
Kibo Palace Hotel, Arusha
I came here as a follower, poor in mind with a vague story. I left as a leader rich in mind and ready to change my story
Ezekiel Mungai
Sarova Hotels, Nairobi
excellent presentations. The knowledge and skills aquired, have really transformed my focus on goals. We are gearing to achievement and success in our organisation.

This transformational training includes the following

18 Full Length Video Training Sessions

You can stream these online or download to your computer to watch offline at your convenience.

18 Full Length Audio versions of the training

You can stream these online or download to your computer to take on the go. Perfect for your commutes

E-Book with Practical real world principles and exercises to implement what you learn fast

More Participant Testimonies ...

It is going to change my life

The energy was awesome, facilitation and engagement was fantastic. My experience at this training is definitely going to change my life. Thank you for this opportunity
Pauline Mwangi
iMarketing Hub, Nairobi

Positive, Outstanding team

Positive, outstanding and awesome team. I never realized I have such great potential until I met Coach Phill and the team. I have changed and am out now the whole of me. I will attend another session
Ndai Irene
Zimbabwe Open University

This is just what I needed

This is just what I needed to get me to the next level. I can now work to change my accomplishments. I am eternally grateful to coach and entire IP team
Pearl Bitanihirwe
Spedag Interfreight Uganda

Start Your New Year With Power, Purpose and Clarity.

By the end of this course, you will have a better understanding of your goals, how to implement faster and how to go about any barriers that may come up as you journey towards your destination