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I had an amazing time of Learning ...

Thank you so much for an awesome time. I have never been happier and proud to take time off and invest in myself like I was last weekend! I had an amazing time of learning; I was continually challenged to go deep inside and ponder on ‘me’ and what I want and need to do.

Thank you for putting in all the work to give us your best, you and your team are amazing!!! Your energy and passion are contagious.

Thank you for the reminders; I am committed to apply the learning and keep the commitments and to continue on this journey – yesterday I went through my ‘Sea of Red’, I’d like it on my phone actually.

Thank you for the charge of joy and motivation. May God bless the work of your hands and take you further and higher than your mind can conceive.

Warm regards,


Irene Musimenta – Human Resource Manager, PLAN Uganda

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