6 principles that will keep you ahead of the competition any time.

Hello great leader,

Remember, everyday is a gift and you’ll only get this day once in your entire lifetime so, use it well. Fact is, great achievers, game changers do things differently and they seem strange.

As a great leader, I know you are in pursuit of excellence and to help you create a life you adore and reach rare-air success, I’ve shared the pitfalls that could stop you as you pursue leadership excellence.

ADS (Attention deficit Syndrome)

In simple words distractions, distractions. The greatest challenge to business leadership and performance is distractions. There is so much distraction out there that, if you’re not steady and focusing on your business with a laser like kind of procession, there is so much that can distract you from being the kind of leader that you ought to be.

The Jack Head Feet

This is a jumping jack. This is where you are jumping from one thing to another. In pursuit of excellence, one of the things that you will be aware of is, you jump, you try this and then you jump from that, guess what? You become a jack of all trades and a master of none.

Because, if you don’t give something a 110% concentration and you make sure that you see through, then it’s never going to work.

Wilder Beast Phenomenon

It is what is called the hard mentality. “Where everybody goes, is where I am going to go.” Therefore, you can never be able to be your own person of excellence, why? You are following everything and everybody out there.

The lack of follow through

The lack of finishing, the lack of ensuring that you close what you started, why? We get to the bit where we are just about to get the breakthrough and we give up. We get to the point where we are just about to get the biggest lesson and, we give up. Therefore, we never get to that level of the excellence that we ought to get to simply because of that mentality.

Lack of growing and learning

You want to be excellent, but, you’re not willing to grow, you’re not willing to learn, you’re not willing to immerse yourself and say, how do I become the best, what is the best tool out there, who is doing this at a higher level.

Because, there are so few things out there that haven’t been done already, all you have to do is find who’s doing it at the highest level, find a way to learn, to grow and to be the kind of person who is going to be playing at the highest level.

I had recently one of my clients, an entrepreneur, they have had the same product for 25 years. It’s a great product, but the way things were done 25 years ago is not the way things are being done now. Guess what? The competition is really beginning to get away and taking more of the cake, why? Because they have failed to grow.

The lack of constant and regular check and measure.

As you pursue excellence, you have to consistently measure. You have to consistently look at, how are we doing, where have we reached, are we better off today than we were yesterday, where were we this time last month.

If you don’t consistently measure that, you’ll never know if your pursuit of excellence is moving in the right direction. You have had it said before, what is measured gets done, what’s inspected gets done.

I Wish you all success and epic performance. Thank you