Turbo Charge Your Sales Force with the Ultimate Sales and Persuasion Formula

Learn How to Become a Super Sales Person so that You can quickly double your sales results and rapidly scale up your sales funnels

70% of all organizations are always falling short of their sales targets with or without any interference from the outside.

Ohh it was the Market

Or It was the competition

Or it was the team or the leadership or the new product and the list goes on and on!

We don’t have the resources….

The sales Funnels are drying up….

Staff Turnover in the sales team is above average…


Well stop right there! …………………. You are in charge of your goals and accomplishments.

If you haven’t heard about it yet, Welcome to the acclaimed


Turbo charge YOUR SALES with 12 key strategies that guarantee increased sales of 20 – 43% yearly.

Delivered and executed by renown High performance Business Coach Phill with over 18 years of the highest-level trainings and coaching across over 30 different industries… In fact, dubbed the million-dollar Coach because of his track record of helping his clients make more money from implementing his ideas.

Coach Phill does not have off the shelf Trainings…all sessions are tailored to your unique-ability hence referred to as having the best success record in the region.

The ability to do the most deep dive Analysis and Never giving up on you until you win is another of the attributes he is known for.

10 years ago, it wasn’t the same as is now, a struggling Personal coach who had a not so big impact on his clients decided to ask a simple question, what do great sales teams and companies do differently to continuously deliver great results?

Coach believes that Sales is the Engine of any organization.

This prompted a 4-year review of all the consultancies ever accomplished, a study of the best models in sales out there and a trial and error period which eventually gave birth to the “Sales and Persuasion Mastery Accelerator.” Sales on steroids as one client called it!!

So, what is the origin of the Sales & Persuasion Mastery Accelerator?

You see it’s not just how great the product is or how cool the sales team is or how bad the competition might be.

The study and research revealed that its Ones Desire and Ability to be Super disciplined and Faithful to implement with precision the 12 keys which inevitably result in Turbo charging the sales of any organization.

It’s a discipline!!!!! To EXECUTE THE 12 Keys with unwavering focus and Faith.

Understanding this took me from being an unknown Consultant to being a sought-after Coach and trainer helping a cross section of clients from SMEs to start ups to well established international sales teams.


  1. Clarity tool that ensues all teams are on the same page hence all efforts are designed to increase sales and Effectiveness
  2. The Best Possible Strategic Position – so that you attract and go after the cream of your Target Market
  3. Positioning at the Top – so that you are seen as Experts and hence increased trust and sales from the people that matter in the market
  4. The Power of Educational Selling so you stop wasting money on unprofitable marketing
  5. Getting that Elevator Pitch so powerful that the Entire Sales Force can confidently make the right First Impression at Every Opportunity
  6. How to structure FAN BASED INTERNAL SALES SUPER SESSIONS THAT ensure the team is energized and Motivated and learning continuously.
  7. Self-confidence and self Esteem as well as a never giving up attitude capacity building so that the sales team is continuously bringing in the numbers baby!!!
  8. The Power of Effective Discipline and Time Management techniques so that the team is at optimum production with no time wastage that affect profits and productivity. 

Check out what previous participants are saying:

Joseph Ediau

NTV Uganda

Strengthened my marketing abilities

It has strengthened my marketing abilities. Coach is a perfect communicator and a great sales man

Lynda Kazairwe

Regional Human Resources, Spedag Interfreight

Coach is quite knowledgeable & effective

Concise comprehension of the issues, engaging, interactive. Facilitator was firm and motivated. Coach Phill is quite knowledgeable and effective.

It exceeded my expectations, life changing… I will surely be a better leader than I have been. The trainer is very inspirational

Digging even deeper……. Some of what will be covered in the sessions

  • Great Sales Personalities and How to continuously develop your skills so you sell more and create more impact
  • The psychology of sales, why people buy and how you can use this to make more sales.
  • Great Presentations Skills for Sales Pitches.
  • How to keep motivated and Keeping a great state.
  • Time Management for better results
  • How to guarantee sales growth consistently all the time every time.
  • How to develop powerful sales personalities; learn the art and technology of persuasion.
  • Understanding your clients’ mental strategies, personal beliefs and motivations. 


Now I know what you might be thinking…. This might not work for our unique situation – ……………. Well the 12 keys are universal and our experienced team of facilitators (55 years of experience between them) are uniquely placed to tailor the right plan for you to increase your sales. 

Ohh well the economy is not doing well generally …………. Well if it’s not then you should be the one getting all the great deals and sales because the 12 keys are designed to keep you at the top of your market. 

Ohh we are not big enough and cannot afford …………. Well what would doubling your sales mean to you as an organization? Would it be worth it?

Ok and for purposes of building trust and gaining your confidence, we are doing a special One day Offer for your team.


Yes, that’s right, we will offer you a one-day free session (10hrs) of our expertise so that you be the judge of the quality of information and tactics we will share with you. 

No obligation from you at all. 

All we ask is you get us in a room with your top sales team and we will share with them the 12 aspects of sales and Persuasion Mastery accelerator. We guarantee you too will be impressed like many of our clients. 

Now this offer is Limited for the months of September and October only as we are gearing up for a super finish to a great year. 

This would have cost you from between $3500 to $5000. That’s what some of our clients have invited in the past. You have it if you take advantage of this offer Now. 

So, Call today on 0777007207 and let’s get your sales team Turbo Charged so you can have a strong finish of the year and an even better start to 2019 guaranteeing the best year you will ever have from a sales point of view. 

Don’t just take our word…. See what others are saying….

More Thoughts on our Live Sales Trainings

You Get Real Life Experiences

Topics are real life experiences. Praying for them and keep in touch with us. 

Christabel NSSF Uganda

I have been Upgraded

Thank you for making Ugandans shine in the corporate world. I’ve been upgraded in terms of selling. 

Maggie Nakalema, IMG

Made Me See Things Differently

I liked the participative nature of the program and feedback which have made me see things differently. Will impact positively both on how I carry out my work and relationship with others. 

Justus muganda – Spedag Intefreight, Uganda 

So, call us today and let’s get your sales turbo Charged.

Every morning in Africa, a gazelle wakes up. It knows it must run faster than the fastest lion or it will be killed. Every morning a lion wakes up. It knows it must outrun the slowest gazelle or it will starve to death.

Let’s get you Running with the amazing SPMA! 

Call now because as you can Tell slots will be taken up very quickly……. It’s that simple. 

Your Partner in Success 

Coach Phill