A Day With Coach Phill

Do you want to start or grow your own consulting business?

Have you lost business or promotion opportunities by your inability to effectively communicate with confidence?

The truth is that when most Speakers/Trainers, consultants and coaches attempt to start and scale their businesses, they fail miserably or fall way short of their desired direction

Limited Seats Available!

What You Will Get During the Session …

  1. The biggest mistake most Speakers, Trainers consultants and coaches are making when it comes to starting their business
  2. The two things that Super success fun Speaker, Trainers, coaches and consultants have present in their businesses that the strugglers do not
  3. The simple, proven, 4 step system frame work that generates leads and clients and how you can start putting this to work inside your business right now
  4. Q&A Session to ask Coach any question on how to make it in the consulting industry

Hi My name is Coach Phill and in this session I’m going to share exactly how myself and my clients have installed the step by step Frame work for Starting and scaling your speaking and consulting career to acquiring  5-10 new high ticket clients every single month – and – how you can do the same.

These are the exact same strategies that I have used to grow my consulting business to over $3500 per assignment and helped dozens of others grow their Speaking, Training, coaching and  consulting businesses from the low 3-figures to high six figures – even seven figures!

You see over the past 10 years I have been committed to helping a group of some of the most hard working impact mission focused Speakers, trainers and coaches on the planet who are ruthlessly committed to three things –

  1. Building and Growing their Speaking and consulting Business to a level of Freedom
  2. Focused on Providing Value and Having the biggest positive impact in the lives of their clients
  3. Having a LOT of fun in the process


I invite you to join this elite group of high performers

Our Sessions in Pictures


Date: 13th June 2020
Venue: Royal Suites Bugolobi
Investment: UGX 150,000