The 3 Secrets of Confident Public Speakers.

Imagine you’re sitting in the audience.

The room is packed with a crowd just waiting for the next speaker to come on.
The trainer enters the stage and immediately asks the audience a question. You find yourself answering it. He’s got you hooked. You can’t look away. You’re hanging on to every word he says.

His training style is like nothing you’ve ever seen before. You’re learning more, you’re having fun and you’re extremely entertained. He leaves you wondering, “could I ever be like him?”

Well, here are a few secrets I’ll be sharing with you.

Have a big enough why?

Before any presentation, you must have a big enough WHY as to why you need to make that particular presentation. This reason should be very motivating to you as a presenter. It should be able to push you to do the impossible.

Have strong belief in what you are saying

This helps you to have enthusiasm for what you are talking about and/or selling. It becomes very easy for someone to get into a relationship if they feel the enthusiasm with which you talk about your product or service.

Remember, people will listen closer to you if you appeal to their hearts and not their heads. In sales, people buy a feeling, not the product.

Maintain a positive physical posture

This kind of posture helps you to exude confidence and consequently earn trust from the other party. Please note; people will not engage in conversation or engage in business with those that have negative body language.

What is a negative posture? Not keeping eye contact, not having full breaths, shoulders down and lack of deliberate power movements on stage.

What is a positive posture? Head held high, shoulders straight, positive demeanor and confident connection with your audience with eye contact.

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