the true strength of an entrepreneur

I laughed when I read this metaphor on entrepreneurship …….

Here it goes…

This is what people say, “Wow, that man is riding on a lion. He is so brave.” The man on the lion is saying, “Oh my God. How on earth did I get on this lion and how do I prevent myself from being eaten alive.”

If you are an entrepreneur, you’ll agree with me that the hustle is real. I mean…. you are working hard, you’re bringing in the revenue, trying to build a team, you’re getting your name out there and making so many other things happen.

Very many times, people idolize successful people (Likes of Elon Musk, Jack MA etc) when they see them on top of business magazines or on social media looking successful. What they don’t see is what is behind the success.

I borrow this definition from Dan, “Entrepreneurship is the ability to endure the pain for a long period of time.”

No one needs to tell me, but I know it’s a tough time for most of the entrepreneurs.

Guess what? It doesn’t matter how much money you are making or losing.

The more money you make, the bigger problems you have and as entrepreneurs, we are always solving problems….

So, if you can’t work at the moment because of the constraints caused by COVID-19…. you should be thinking of how to put your business online.

You should be equipping yourself with new skills.

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