build a highly profitable consulting/coaching business in less than 8 weeks without all the mistakes of amateur consultants

By now, you already know that building a profitable and impact-focused business is vital to any consultant with a desire to leave a legacy.

And with everything happening in the world right now, you need proven strategies to make this a reality.

You too can make more sales, more impact and have more freedom without worrying about…

Some of the Benefits You Will Get From The Program

  • Where to find your ideal high paying clients with relative ease
  • The step by step process of converting clients without feeling like pulling teeth
  • Avoid the Exhaustion that comes from posting on social media to build your business that is a drain.
  • How to conduct meaningful conversation with potential clients on social media without Sending strangers messages on LinkedIn, Email or Facebook.
  • Systemize your processes and avoid doing a lot of work for pretty minimal results.
  • Dealing with all the multiple sources of information about your Niche, Sales, Social Media Marketing, Funnels and setting up all the automation.
  • You will also have direct access to Coach Phill & his team for support throughout your journey
  • You will get messaging, email and website templates to quick-start you on your journey

And the World Class Consultancy Online Course creates the perfect and predictable conditions to DO JUST THAT MORE helping you to build a profitable Business online Fast.

What you will really get in the world class consultancy with audacity

Module 1: Foundations of A $10.000+ P/M Consultancy and training company. It all starts here!

If you really want to crush it when it comes to selling things, you really need to invest deeply in creating a firm strong foundation:

So You Can …

  • Discover Who your dream customer is. ($$$)
  • Pick The Most Profitable Niche.
  • understand your ideal customer avatar and their real desires and problems.
  • Who is the type of person that needs what you have to offer the most?
  • Create A Cutting-Edge Offer That Grabs Your Markets Attention
  • Start to produce Laser focused messages that resonate with your niche
  • Build a following of great Prospects

If you really want to crush it when it comes to selling things, you really need to know the above.⁣⁣

Module 2: Mindset Training to Rewire Your Brain For Success⁣⁣ – The deepest work you will do to date on the Psychology of success.

So you can:

  • Start Thinking As A Multi 6-Figure Entrepreneur And Accelerate Your Progress.
  • Earn the right by clearing out your self Sabotaging behaviors.
  • Reinvent yourself to attract the right kind of people to help you in your mission.
  • Create a new story that will become your reality quicker and faster than ever before.
  • Your will feel like you are seeing the world differently for the first time.

Module 3: Sales and Persuasion for Consultants, How To Close $2000+ Coaching Clients With NO Experience/Testimonials

So you can

  • Sign Your First Client With Proven Strategies
  • Avoid being Salesy on the phone
  • in one conversation you serve as well as Sale – Magic Process
  • Understand why people will buy and Position your product as their perfect solution
  • NOT Get Rejected.
  • Always Know What To SAY In The Meeting With Full Confidence


So you can:

  • Understand the formula to create any product.
  • Create Products that your clients want so you can sell more of them
  • Get to know all the technical tools required to launch your product
  • Learn the studio set up and the different product formats

Module 5: Jet Fuel of online Sales – Full Outreach Methods – How to Use Social Media to Attract clients and be able to  set up more appointments per week

So you can:

  • Stop With guessing where to get clients
  • Structure your profiles to attract your perfect client,
  • Avoid the old school cold calling methods
  • Avoid for ever Cold Manual Outreach
  • Attract People Who Can PAY, Come To YOU Instead of The Other Way Around

Module 6: Owning YOUR mountain and Getting GUARANTEED Results For Your Clients

So you can:

  • Lose The Fear Of NOT DELIVERING Results,
  • Serve your clients like a pro and retain them forever
  • Have confidence to scale even faster because of the work you are doing for your clients.
  • Team building and achieve ultimate freedom in your life –
  • Focus On Working ON Your Agency And Not Working IN Your Agency So You Can Do Whatever You Want!⁣⁣

Module 7: Public Speaking and Presentation Skills Mastery.

So you can:

  • Have the confidence to speak to any group of people and deliver great messages
  • Learn how to speak and present in front of Camera as you create your online courses
  • Know how to structure different speeches for different occasions.
  • Get a laser focused Message format that will help your messages resonate with whatever audience you are speaking to.
  • Use public speaking to grow your Consulting and online business.

Testimonial from previous participants

The video on the right highlights what Cobus from South Africa, got from the training and how it has impacted his life