build a highly profitable consulting/coaching business in less than 8 weeks without all the mistakes of amateur consultants

By now, you already know that building a profitable and impact-focused business is vital to any consultant with a desire to leave a legacy.

And with everything happening in the world right now, you need proven strategies to make this a reality.

You too can make more sales, more impact and have more freedom without worrying about…

Some of the Benefits You Will Get From The Program

  • Where to find your ideal high paying clients with relative ease
  • The step by step process of converting clients without feeling like pulling teeth
  • Avoid the Exhaustion that comes from posting on social media to build your business that is a drain.
  • How to conduct meaningful conversation with potential clients on social media without Sending strangers messages on LinkedIn, Email or Facebook.
  • Systemize your processes and avoid doing a lot of work for pretty minimal results.
  • Dealing with all the multiple sources of information about your Niche, Sales, Social Media Marketing, Funnels and setting up all the automation.
  • You will also have direct access to Coach Phill & his team for support throughout your journey
  • You will get messaging, email and website templates to quick-start you on your journey

And the World Class Consultancy Online Course creates the perfect and predictable conditions to DO JUST THAT MORE helping you to build a profitable Business online Fast.

What you will really get in the world class consultancy with audacity

Module 1: Foundations of A $10.000+ P/M Consultancy and training company. It all starts here!

If you really want to crush it when it comes to selling things, you really need to invest deeply in creating a firm strong foundation:

So You Can …

  • Discover Who your dream customer is. ($$$)
  • Pick The Most Profitable Niche.
  • understand your ideal customer avatar and their real desires and problems.
  • Who is the type of person that needs what you have to offer the most?
  • Create A Cutting-Edge Offer That Grabs Your Markets Attention
  • Start to produce Laser focused messages that resonate with your niche
  • Build a following of great Prospects

If you really want to crush it when it comes to selling things, you really need to know the above.⁣⁣

Module 2: Mindset Training to Rewire Your Brain For Success⁣⁣ – The deepest work you will do to date on the Psychology of success.

So you can:

  • Start Thinking As A Multi 6-Figure Entrepreneur And Accelerate Your Progress.
  • Earn the right by clearing out your self Sabotaging behaviors.
  • Reinvent yourself to attract the right kind of people to help you in your mission.
  • Create a new story that will become your reality quicker and faster than ever before.
  • Your will feel like you are seeing the world differently for the first time.

Module 3: Sales and Persuasion for Consultants, How To Close $2000+ Coaching Clients With NO Experience/Testimonials

So you can

  • Sign Your First Client With Proven Strategies
  • Avoid being Salesy on the phone
  • in one conversation you serve as well as Sale – Magic Process
  • Understand why people will buy and Position your product as their perfect solution
  • NOT Get Rejected.
  • Always Know What To SAY In The Meeting With Full Confidence


So you can:

  • Understand the formula to create any product.
  • Create Products that your clients want so you can sell more of them
  • Get to know all the technical tools required to launch your product
  • Learn the studio set up and the different product formats

Module 5: Jet Fuel of online Sales – Full Outreach Methods – How to Use Social Media to Attract clients and be able to  set up more appointments per week

So you can:

  • Stop With guessing where to get clients
  • Structure your profiles to attract your perfect client,
  • Avoid the old school cold calling methods
  • Avoid for ever Cold Manual Outreach
  • Attract People Who Can PAY, Come To YOU Instead of The Other Way Around

Module 6: Owning YOUR mountain and Getting GUARANTEED Results For Your Clients

So you can:

  • Lose The Fear Of NOT DELIVERING Results,
  • Serve your clients like a pro and retain them forever
  • Have confidence to scale even faster because of the work you are doing for your clients.
  • Team building and achieve ultimate freedom in your life –
  • Focus On Working ON Your Agency And Not Working IN Your Agency So You Can Do Whatever You Want!⁣⁣

Module 7: Public Speaking and Presentation Skills Mastery.

So you can:

  • Have the confidence to speak to any group of people and deliver great messages
  • Learn how to speak and present in front of Camera as you create your online courses
  • Know how to structure different speeches for different occasions.
  • Get a laser focused Message format that will help your messages resonate with whatever audience you are speaking to.
  • Use public speaking to grow your Consulting and online business.

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