Congratulations, you have been registered!

Thank you so much for registering. Now because this is a life changing event, it is important that you do the following to ensure that you get the most out of your participation in this event: 

  • Set a reminder in your calendar

    Much as we shall remind you via email, it helps when you set a reminder in your google calendar/icalendar/outlook.

  • This will ensure that you get notified when the online training is about to start.

  • Expect inspirational emails from us

    Now that you’re a member of this family, you will begin to receive emails to help you scale up your business even before you attend the online training.

  • Show up early

    Show up at least 15 minutes to the online training. Ready to learn, with a note book..
    The software also limits the number of people who can enjoy this event, so joining early ensure a great experience.