It doesn’t matter how great a strategy you have, culture will always eat your strategy for breakfast. As a leader, it’s your job to fiercely with all your heart and soul work on creating a culture/environment that supports strategy execution. One that supports people getting out and doing what they have to do.

Your role is to create the environment. It makes your work much easier if you create an environment with certain principles in it. This will make sure you execute.

So, what must you do from now on……

1.     Create an environment that supports learning.  Remember, a learning organization is a growing organization.

2.     Create an environment of accountability where everybody holds each other accountable. After some time you move to the next level where you don’t need to hold each other accountable anymore, it’s just part of what you do. Everybody on the team does what they have to do. As a leader, you must demand this from the rest of the team as well as from yourself also.

3.     Create a culture that only attracts high performing individuals. Individuals who do what they ought to do and always go beyond. They always go beyond what is requested.

4.     Create an action oriented environment.

5.     Break the silos and processes. It slows progress.

6.     Create an environment that has instant execution. If it’s a great idea and everybody is happy with it, execute it immediately that’s the only way you will get things done.

7.     There must be consistency in holding your values. Be consistent everyday about holding values, holding cultures and making a difference.