How to Become a Highly Paid Professional World Class Speaker


Discover How to Become a Confident and Persuasive World Class Speaker and From Your Speaking Profession

Discover and master the 4 proven phases that skillful presenters/speakers use to nail their performances on stage and influence audiences in any part of the world.

world class prep (winning before hand)

At this stage, we help you discover who you are, craft your story, clarify your goals, raise your self esteem, confidence and come up with a winning elevator pitch.

performance of world class speakers on stage

This is where the rubber meets the tarmac. This is where you learn the tools to use on stage and immediately practice in front of an audience. You will discover how to move so as to own the stage, how to engage the audience, body power, on-stage recovery techniques, story telling, tonality and handling questions. 

psychology of speaking

At this stage, we begin to rewire and challenge the old belief systems that hold back most speakers. We equip you with the psychology of controlling audiences, effective communication tools and how to craft your message for the subconscious.

the business side of things

At this stage, you begin to set yourself up for success. Learn what you need to do to ensure your business or consultancy succeeds, how to create products, courses and build a loyal following.

What Coach Phill’s Students Are Saying …

The methods used are battle tested and have proven results.

The methods taught in the World Class Speakers Training program have been battle tested and proven with over 10,000 students around the world.

This program has created countless consultants, coaches and trainers, who have been able to quit their 9-5 jobs. Our students have made over $1,000,000 in reported income.

Program Content and Schedule …

  • You Will Learn the 4-step foundational tool of How to Build super Confidence, spellbinding and powerful presentations to any size audience from 5 people to 1000 to 15,000. Here Size really doesn’t matter. 
  • Learn to structure and deliver Persuasive messages – the 6-step blueprint. Gold mine right there!!
  • You will be taken through an exercise that teaches how to Easily connect with your Audience – art of Rapport on stage.
    And of course, the face your demons break through session… Yes, all on day 1.
  • You will discover and Practice in front of an audience.
  • You will learn what Language Patterns to use to Inspire or motivate people.
  • How to structure Inspirational Talks for Impact.
  • How to Turn “No” into a “YES” by simply learning what triggers these emotions psychologically
  • Coach Jennifer challenges your Stamina, Well-being and Good Physique on stage – A master piece never taught anywhere else!!! – You will be glad you came.
  • Your Message, Your Consulting and scaling up
  • Preparing you for Your Successful Journey – We don’t let you go until we are sure you are ready to Lift your voice and make a difference
  • The Startup Blue Print for your Success regardless of what you decide to do…Speaker, Trainer, Effective leader…It works across.
  • We go deeper into the Psychology of how to Manage the Emotional states of your audience so you can influence them better.
  • You will practice how to Constantly hold your audience’s attention even for Veeeerrry long presentations.
  • Learn to manage stage nerves forever – That’s Right…Gone.
  • Discover how to succeed in the industry of Professional Speaking. (This alone pays back your investment immediately).
  • The Art of Story telling….
  • Your Brand – What will you stand for? And how to craft a strong Tag Line. Bringing it all together – You will do your First (After 20 times) presentation with all your new tools
  • The business of Speaking – Show me the money – We share our Journey and the journeys of many successful speakers who have gone through the course

Training Details

Date: 7th – 9th November 2019

Your Discounted Investment: $500 (before 2nd/11/2019)

What Previous Students Are Saying ...

I had an Amazing Time of Learning Thank you so much for an awesome time. I have never been happier and proud to take time off and invest in myself like I was last weekend! I had an amazing time of learning; I was continually challenged to go deep inside and ponder on ‘me’ and what I want and need to do. Thank you for putting in all the work to give us your best, you and your team are amazing!!! Your energy and passion are contagious. Thank you for the reminders; I am committed to apply the learning and keep the commitments and to continue on this journey – yesterday I went through my ‘Sea of Red’, I’d like it on my phone actually. Thank you for the charge of joy and motivation. May God bless the work of your hands and take you further and higher than your mind can conceive. Warm regards,
Irene Musimenta
Human Resource Manager - PLAN Uganda
What an awesome experience!! I would do it again given an opportunity!! I thoroughly had a good time watching my colleagues and I transform into magical presenters! The board breaking ceremony was grand! I do have a special spot where I have placed my board ... to remind me of what I am to achieve! My catering business will be up and running come February 2012 ... to coincide with my birthday on the 6th. Thank you for the experience. Be blessed.
Irene Ndai
Zimbabwe Open University




  • Get rid of your stage fright so that you become a confident presenter
  • Get the psychology behind delivering an effective and engaging presentation
  • Come up with powerful mezmerizing speeches on short notice and still HAVE audiences happy
  • The Business of Public Speaking and where the Money is – $ – this is the Juice




  • Get rid of your stage fright so that you become a confident presenter
  • Get the psychology behind delivering an effective and engaging presentation
  • Come up with powerful mezmerizing speeches on short notice and still HAVE audiences happy
  • The Business of Public Speaking and where the Money is – $ – this is the Juice

What Previous Students Are Saying ...

Frequently asked questions

Yes, because of the way the training is designed. Each module builds on the previous so missing one would put you at a loss. To get the most out of the training, we recommend you attend all the hours

Yes. Every tool you learn is immediately put to the test. You present over 10 times during the training with a final presentation of 30 minutes per person.

Definitely. You have lifetime access to any of the coaches. The coaches are available to help you as you get on your journey of building your professional speaking career

This training is for people who are serious about taking their career and financial life to the next level. It does not matter whether you are a CEO, business leader, supervisor, motivational speaker, trainer or teacher … this training will help you move to the next step