discover how to grow your consulting or coaching business using public speaking

Experience Coach Phill’s groundbreaking new program and learn how you can use your already existing public speaking skills to scale your consulting or coaching business.


Your Voice Changes Everything

Are you Finally ready to Kick your career and Biz Plans to a higher level? (Where the money is great and Lifestyle out of this world)

Then it’s time for you to attend the World Class Speakers Training this Year …

It doesn’t matter whether you are:

As you know, most individuals try to become better communicators, Persuaders and speakers using methods and theories that are not tried and tested.

It’s in our makeup I guess “Go Getters” to search and lurch onto whatever seems to work.

However, over my 18+ years as a sought after international speaker and trainer….I have discovered and know from deep experience that the SUCCESSFUL speaker/trainers in the game all have had to use a world class hands on system to make it happen for them.

They gave up the “short cuts and go it alone” the moment they realized how FAST they could succeed and make money once they applied a tried and tested system.

A Quick Snapshot of what you’ll learn at the training  ….

  • How to Build your confidence in front of any Audience.
  • How to Connect Effortlessly with Audiences of 5 to 10,000 People.
  • How to prepare great speeches that have people listening to you attentively and wanting more even when you are done.
  • How to come up with great Speeches for any Audience.
  • How the Psychology of great stage presence allows you to banish stage nerves forever.
  • How to Optimally use any stage and Platform for Engagement, Success and Impact.
  • How to come up with Killer speeches on short notice and still HAVE audiences happy and mesmerized.
  • Why Mastering Stage movement and Composure makes you a dynamic Speaker and trainer who has maximum effect.
  • How to master the Psychology of Persuasion as a great Speaker on stage,
  • How to Incorporate Humor and Passion in your Presentations – and Yes like me I thought I wasn’t funny… That’s so funny!
  • How you can Develop and Design Enjoyable Effective Courses 1 day to 10 days,
  • The art of how to Create Rapport with any kind and size of Audience – So they love you
  • Get rid of fear of speaking forever – Yes you will love this one..
  • You will also Learn The Business of Public Speaking and where the Money is – $ – this is the Juice ..

SO YES, It is an Amazing Fun Filled Exhilarating. High Energy training

So, this is what you get and experience in the Training

In addition to having a lot of fun and great insights into great Sales, Performance and leadership skills on the Platform

Module 1

  • Presenter state – Getting rid of stage fright
  • The optimum learning state
  • Connecting with your audiences without any effort
  • Rapport with all sizes of groups (5-10,000)
  • Getting rid of performance anxiety.
  • Tuckman’s group and team Dynamics – Understanding how people interact
  • Effective State and Stage management
  • Use the secrets of optimal training room set-up and design
  • Give effective feedback

Module 2

  • Structuring a great Speech/ presentation and or Training
  • The optimal learning state
  • The Presentation state for up time results
  • How to establish instant unconscious rapport with groups anywhere from 20
    to 20,000 people.
  • Overcome your nerves and deliver a speech with confidence.
  • Discover how to engage with your audience.
  • Learn how to make a real impact on your audience.
  • Create effective stage anchoring
  • Manage the emotional states of your audience
  • Getting rid of stage fears

Module 3

  • En-trance your audience and become a spellbinding presenter
  • Wipe out performance anxiety. Install more effective strategies in yourself and others.
  •  Expand your vocal flexibility
  • Learn to speak with greater conviction and authority.
  • Discover the power of a clear and persuasive message
  • How to Increase your Confidence,
  • How to Gain Credibility with your audience
  • Deliver with Passion, yes Passion.. and Commitment ,
  • Live life to the full…Share your ideas, fulfill your mission…
  • The business of speaking and consulting

Remember, no theory stuff. Just world class practical skills!

Of course there is more to be covered during the training. And guess what, It doesn’t stop there!… There is mentoring and coaching which continues immediately after the training.

What others are saying about the training ...

One of the best trainings I have attended

One of the best, (if not the best) training/workshop that I have attended. Beautiful stuff! You need to have been there to ‘see’ what I am talking about. Well done and keep up the good work. I would listen to Coach Phill over and over again. Ndai Irene (Zimbabwe Open University)

I learnt how to be a stage commander

I learnt how to be a stage commander, confident speaker; I can now be in charge of a team as a trainer. If the training can be defined, IP are an end-to-end definition of it. Coach Phill is ballistic and has fascinatingly lasting energy. David Matovu (Standard Chartered)

Life changing

Changing lives or something like that. I am convinced that I am going to the top after this. You have helped me gain confidence in myself. It goes beyond just giving theory but gives hands on experience. The trainer is very skilled and committed to helping everyone improve his or her performance. Lorna Katusiime (BOU)

It pulls you out of your comfort zone

I like the way the training provides practical sessions, pulls you out of your comfort zone, and lets you know you can do it. This is a whole life transforming eye opening and un-locker of your potentials. Milly Akello, Business Leader, Chemonics International (, +256772667733)